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    April Fools Joke – Urgent Ne...

    April Fools Joke SpecterNetworks Urgent News Good Morning all users. We have some news regarding SpecterNetworks as we have big plans from the start of this month. Please read this post carefully as this contains all the information about the…

  • Events Open World Survival

    Ark Breeding Event

    Cross Server Breeding Event! Good Day Survivors! We have just launched our Breeding Event across all 3 of our servers. This event will end on 20 March 2017.   We have decided to make this event longer then normal due…

  • Events Open World Survival

    Ark Double Tame Weekend

    Good Day Survivors This weekend there will be a server wide evolution event that means on all 3 servers tames will be 2x faster then normal! This Event will start at 10 March at 14:00 until 12 March 24:00 Get…

  • Open World Survival

    Ark New Linked Servers

    The Vote is accepted We have decided to link our 3 servers as the community voted for this change. We are happy to announce that we are currently hosting 3 different maps: Scorched, Island and Center. We have a high…

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    Leetpro Hitman Giveaway

    Win the new HITMAN on steam! Follow this link for more info about this Leetpro Game Giveaway. Leetpro has an extensive range of second-hand PC parts on sale. This is ideal for gamers wanting to upgrade their systems or the…

  • Adventure Open World Survival

    Conan Exiles Server Launched

    Good day Exiles We want to inform you that SpecterNetworks Conan Exiles server has just launched! We have a full set of rules and info under Hosted Games. The server is a PvPvE server, PvPvE means that certain times on…


  • War OF God

    Tournament Begins: July 20, 2020, 1:55 pm

    Tournament Type: Ladder

    Maximum Participants: 10000 teams

    Current Participants: 0 teams

  • Collegiate LAN CSGO

    Tournament Begins: September 9, 2017, 8:00 am

    Tournament Type: Round Robin with knockout

    Maximum Participants: 3 teams

    Current Participants: 3 teams

    Prize: Click to set prize

  • Collegiate LAN Dota 2

    Tournament Begins: September 8, 2017, 7:00 pm

    Tournament Type: Round Robin with knockout

    Maximum Participants: 9 teams

    Current Participants: 9 teams

    Prize: To Be Announced