Cross Server Breeding Event!

Good Day Survivors!

We have just launched our Breeding Event across all 3 of our servers. This event will end on 20 March 2017.


We have decided to make this event longer then normal due to the 2 servers building up for that upcoming War next weekend! Guys and Girls i hope you are ready as this is now launched!

Description of the Server Settings

Mating Interval
*This means the decreased time of mating between dinos are shorter.
Egg Hatch Speed
*Fertilized eggs hatch speed, how fast they hatch.
Baby Mature Speed
*The Speed of how fast baby dinos mature.
Imprint Interval
*This is the time space between each imprint

Description of the Original Server Settings

Normal Server Info
Mating Interval – 1
Egg Hatch Speed – 4
Baby Mature Speed – 3
Imprint Interval – 1

Description of the Event Server Settings

Breeding Event Info
Mating Interval – 0.3 (Decreased Time between mating)
Egg Hatch Speed – 8 (Faster Hatching of Dinos eggs)
Baby Mature Speed – 6 (Baby Dinos Mature faster)
Imprint Interval – 0.2 (Decreased wait time for Imprinting)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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