Good day guys!

The weekend is gona be busy with events running and prizes going out. Join us on ark for some fun and who knows, maybe you will walk away with a legendary item as a prize…

28 Jan Events
Raptor Race @ 18:00
Location: Green Obelisk – Top of Volcano
Prize: Rare Raptor Bone costume

Tranq Wars @ 19:00 – Remember to bring a sleeping bag
Location: Herb Island
Prize: Journeyman Ptera Saddle

Kiing of the platform @ 21:00
Location: Plato @ 57 30
Prize: MC Club

Phiomia Race @ 22:00
Location: Red Obelisk – Blue Obelisk
Prize: MC Tools

29 Jan Events
Alpha Event @ 16:00 – No Flyers allowed and levels will change as player dino level.
Location: Alpha Arena Next to Red Obelisk
Prize: Experience and free beers

Tribal Ceromony @ 19:30
Location: Herb Island
Server come together for a quick view on events, rules, staff and tribes

Boxing Event @ 20:00
Location: Herb Island
Prize: Chainsaw – Legendary item


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