Ark Megapithecus Boss Battle


Megapithecus Boss Battle

Meet at the Red Obelisk: Thursday 19th @ 7pm Sharp!
We will all take on the Giant Ape Boss in his arena.
There are some Rules from on how we can do it:
1. When you summon the tribute, a circle appears around the Obelisk platform and a shroud slowly form upwards into a dome, with the visual effect of the new arena, once it’s finished, you and any other people or dinos on the platform will be teleported into said Boss arena

2. Only some dinos will be teleported however, generally the smaller/mid-tier dinos are the only ones that will actually go through. (Carno, Procoptodon, Stego, Saber, Wolf, Raptor etc)

3. A Giga, Rex, Paracer, Direbear, Woolly Rhino, Pteranodon and Argentavis, a Spino, Bronto or Quetz won’t travel through, , if you’re riding any of these you won’t go through either.

4. We will have 15 minutes to kill him, if we fail to kill him within the time limit, the entire arena is wiped and anything that was in there is unrecoverable. You can also fall into a hole and die as well, with your teammates being unable to recover your stuff.
5. If you kill him, you’ll be awarded the new steam achievement and a Megapithecus trophy as well as a Gorilla flag. His body is sometimes lootable like any carnivore, with misc junk like berries and stone tools. You’ll then be given the same warning that you will be teleported out in 30 seconds, then any other people/their dinos will be teleported out safely after 30 seconds, though you might still have to fight off some gigantos and Mesos if there are any left.

6.    You won’t be able to reenter the arena or start a new fight with the Megapithecus while it’s in progress, nor will anyone else on the server until your Mega is dead or the time is up.

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