Ark Modded Launch


Modded Ark –

The new and improved Specter Networks Ark Modded ( server is now online! The island map is where all the action is. This powerful PvP server boasts a 25 times harvest rate as well as boosted taming and experience point gain.

The Levels –

The player ‘max level’ is 242 and the wild dinos spawn up to 240, upping the anti during PvP fighting. Getting raided is never fun…but its not all doom and gloom as the Offline Raid Protection (ORP) is always ready to hold down your fort while you get some shut-eye. The server has few mods, but the mods are simply there to aid with the high rate gather, such as the stack mod. The other mod introduced to level the playing field against high level players, is the advanced drop mod.This mod drops higher rarity guns and armor as well as saddles! The server has no raiding rules or times…a free-for-all!

Our Staff –

As for the admins are Renegade (Manager), Yax123(admin), Invertus(moderator). The server has its own teamspeak channel on and we welcome you to our island. Protect yourself at all times, lets have a clean fight!

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