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The Vote is accepted

We have decided to link our 3 servers as the community voted for this change. We are happy to announce that we are currently hosting 3 different maps: Scorched, Island and Center. We have a high player population over our 3 servers of 35 players spread across the servers and it increases each day.Please feel free to check out the servers have increased rates and a rule setup to ensure every player can enjoy the game for the most enjoyment.


Game Mode

The servers are all 3 PvPvE meaning that during certain times its PvE and only one day of the weekend is PvP to ensure all age groups have a chance to build up and get there tribes ready. You can find all the rules on our website under hosted games – Ark survival evolved.


Some Server info

  • Very Low Latency
  • Increased Rates
  • Server events
  • Active Staff
  • Friendly Community
  • Community forges and taming pits

Server Name

All 3 servers have exactly the same name as please make sure to check the map when joining the server as its the one you want to join

  • SpecterNetworks PvPvE Increased Rates Cluster

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