ARK PvPvE : The Center Wipe


That time has come I’m afraid where a fresh start is needed. We will be wiping the Center Map PvPvE server at midnight on Friday 22 nd July. Please have any dino’s you would like to upload for personal use by Friday Lunchtime as from 12pm until midnight it will be open season on all tribes and bases.

There are 2 servers in its place. The one will be the same rules as we have had before as well as raiding only on the weekends. A vote was held with numerous players and it was decided that we will be moving back to the island.

For those looking for more of a survival pace there is a more PvP based map with raiding being weekends as well as on weekdays from 5pm-10pm. All the rules for the two new servers can be found under hosted games.

Both servers will be fresh starts so will Not be allowing Character or Dino downloads from previous or other servers. As always there will be admins available on both and applications are now open for Moderators for both new servers.

Thank you to all players for making this a truly awesome ARK community, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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