Ark: Survival Evolved Server Launched


Name: SpecterNetworks X5Server,Bank,Events,Tavern,RPG
100 Slot server
Level Spawns 1 – 100+
Server is a 3x XP, 5xTame,Harvest,Breeding
Level cap for players: 92
Tamed dinos: 600
SOTF Competition Coming soon
Daytime is Increased and Night time decreased
Gamma is allowed until further notice
Croshair is allowed
Map marker is allowed
Instant updates
Head Admin is [ValS] Codex
Website Gaming:
Owner – SpecterNetworks
Herb Island is a Event island Please dont build there
Features: Events,Bank,Tavern,Shops and PaintballETA 10 Feb)

*No Griefing
*Raiding Friday 14:00 – Sunday 24:00
*No Kill on sight
*No bases on volcano
*No killing of Passive Dinos.
*No Spawn blocking
*Players not allowed to obstruct any cave
*Players are not allowed to interup a Tame session unless its left with no supervision
*Respect admins and players
*No global chat arguments, 2 warnings then kicked
*No foul language on Global chat
*Turrets/Plant species X is not allowed to be used on platforms during week and also on weekends they are only to be allowed to use in a raid! ALSO during the use over weekends its only allowed to be set to players only as dinos are passive and they not allowed to kill! If your turret kills a dino and you forgot to change it to players only then there is no excuses and you will still be punished!

Raiding Rules
*Only destrruction of Structures like Walls, Doors and Ceilings
*Not allowed to destroy Beds or block them
*During raiding times still no Kill on Sight is allowed unless you declared a war using a war declaration Note in game that is signed from both parties and then you can choose to fight as normal or in a arena

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