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Outdated Rules please visit Ark for the updated rules regarding ark.


Name: SpecterNetworks X5Server,Bank,Events,Tavern,RPG


  • 100 Slot server
  • Level Spawns 1 – 100+
  • Server is a 3x XP, 5xTame,Harvest,Breeding
  • Level cap for players: 92
  • Maximum amount of tamed dinos: 600
  • SOTF Competition: Coming soon
  • Daytime is Increased and Night time decreased
  • Croshair is allowed
  • Map marker is allowed
  • Instant updates
  • Head Admin is [ValS] Codex
  • Teamspeak:
  • Facebook:
  • Rules:
  • Find the Event info on Teamspeak or in the Ideas for the Server on the website under ark
  • Owner – SpecterNetworks
  • Herb Island is a Event island Please dont build there
  • IMPORTANT: If a tribe is unactive for more then a week they will be removed from the server!

Latest Updated General Rules for the Ark Sever:

  • No adverts or links on Global (You will be auto kicked)
  • No Griefing (Dont kill offline players, Dont pick up Dinos of other players, Dont destroy Pillars, Dont destroy beds or constantly raid someone)
  • Raiding Friday 14:00 – Sunday 24:00 (No Raiding out these times and logs shows every raid)
  • No Kill on sight (You cant just shoot a person you see)
  • No bases on volcano (Bases found on the Volcano will be removed via Admin)
  • No killing of Passive Dinos. (If Dinos are on Neutral or Agro then players are allowed to kill them during PvE BUT only if the Dino attacks first)
  • No Spawn blocking (Dont Block resource spawns around mountains)
  • Players not allowed to obstruct any cave (Building in front of a Cave)
  • You are not allowed to drop any Wild dinos in a players base (You will be banned if caught doing this)
  • Players are not allowed to interup a Tame session (unless its left with no supervision meaning there is no one in the area of a 100 meters)
  • Respect admins and players (Showing no Respect will get you kicked)
  • No global chat arguments (2 warnings then kicked)
  • No foul language on Global chat (ANY foul language on Global will Result in a Kick from the server as this is a open age server)
  • Turrets/Plant species X are not allowed to be used on platforms during week, also on weekends they are only to be allowed to use in a raid! During the use over weekends its only allowed to be set to PLAYERS because dinos are passive and they not allowed to be killed! If your turret kills a dino and you forgot to change it to players only then there is no excuses and you will still be punished as you have been warned in the Rules!

Raiding Rules and Info:

  • Remember if you leave doors open and boxes open with no pin codes and people take your stuff it is not raiding because then that is your own fault!
  • Only destrruction of Structures is allowed to enter a base (No destruction of pillars, Fabricator, Smithy, Fridges and Cooking Pot)
  • Not allowed to destroy Beds or block them
  • During raiding times still no Kill on Sight is allowed unless you declared a war using a war declaration Note in game that is signed from both parties! Then you can choose to fight as normal or in a arena. If you choose o fight as Normal you are allowed to KoS the tribe you at war at even in PvE until the War has been resolved or stopped by Both Parties
  • If a Player leaves his doors open for you to raid them and boxes unlock you are not allowed to destroy anything in the base.
  • Greenhouses are NON-raid buildings UNLESS there are storage boxes, vaults or bookshelves inside the greenhouse then you are allowed to raid it
  • The Only times when u are allowed to destroy any Storage boxes around the map even if it is in the open is on Weekends that is Raid times and PvP
  • If someone Kidnaps you dont be a bad sport, Go with it as it brings more fun to the game and if you DC while something like this happens you will be Punished as this is Combat logging.
  • Combat Logging is NOT allowed on this server and if you do it you will be punished and may even be removed from the server

Last updated: 01/03/2016

Remember guys the rules above are made to ensure that everyone plays the game to get the full experience and enjoy the game as this is a PVP/PVE server. If you want to contact any admin make sure you go on TeamSpeak and ask one for info or a rule you dont understand.

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