Ark Survival Event Madness!


TRI-OBELISK DAKAR : Raptor Edition

Around the Island! 7pm at Event Island for the Start! Chest with certain clothing pieces at certain places on the route around the island!  First person back with all the items recieved along the route wins! Second and Third also recieves a prize!

Race Course

Race Course is from Event island to Green Obelisk with dangerous waters to cross and some bases with defences to dodge where you will need to take a item out of a storage box. Next waypoint in the Tri-Obelisk Dakar is the Blue Obelisk you need to reach for the second item you need to take from the storage box at the obelisk, Beware that stretch of the land includes heavy windy conditions with a pinch of Carnivores that will stop at nothing to have you for lunch! Last stretch of the race is then the home Race where you will travel from the Peaks of the Snow biome to the Red Obelisk passing dangerous grounds including a few bases and the swamp, at the Red Obelisk you need to take the last item and race to the finish at event island!


1-3 Prize

First Place

Rex Taming Kit – 2 Journeyman Longnecks, 100 Darts, 500 Narcotics and 10 Scorp Kibble.

Seconds Place

2 Ramshackle longnecks, 50 Darts and 250 Narcotics

Third Place

2 Primitive Longnecks, 50 Darts


Survivors get ready for some awesome views during this race and some wild dinos in the mix… Enjoy and please let us know if you enjoyed this event!

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