Ark Survival Events for 17 April


Tonight we will be hosting our first Tribal Event on the new server at a new place! We have moved our Event island to 80-90 Lat and 16-29 Lon

The Tribe Event will be where we as admins and founding tribes welcomes all the new survivors and tribes to the server! We also show you the new Moderators and Admins at these events and tell you about plans for the server! We also go over a few rules and then after we are done with each section you are allowed to ask something you want to know!

You will be asked to step forward and tell everyone these 3 stuff: Why did you join this server, What do you like about the server and what would you want to improve on the server. (Each tribe Leader will get this chance so make sure you have something to tell us)

Alpha Event

The alpha event will be hosted directly after the Tribe Event is done just around the corner! Make sure you come early and come with the dino you want to use in the event as there will be NO TP’s for the events. Remember that this isnt a enclosed area for the alphas so make sure you are on the spectating booth otherwise you might just die. ALSO YOU MUST ATTEND THE TRIBAL EVENT FOR ENTRY FOR THE ALPHA EVENT

Tribal Event: 90 Lat , 24 Lon

Alpha Event Area: 88 Lat, 21 Lon.

See you all there tonight


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