Ark Survival Evolved Event Weekend


Event:Raptor Racing
Event Time: 20:00
Event Island: Everyone Meet a the Green Obelisk where the Race will begin and make your way to Herb Island where you will find a box on the Coast with Rafts inside that you must use to get across the water With your Raptor!
Prize: Ramshackle Raptor Saddle + Miners Helmet

Event: Gorilla Fights
Event Time: 21:00
Event Info: The Fights will be on Herb Island at the Boxing ring metal building, Make sure your Gorilla is on Passive and then we will use a Roster system to have matches and get a Final winner at the end
Prize: Rare Chiefman Hat

Event Time: 10:00 AM
Event Info: Dodo Fights at Herb island at the 2 small pens
Prize: 10 Beer

Event Time: 14:00
Event Info: Tribes VS Alphas in the Arena at Herb Island, Make sure you gear up correctly as no Flying dinos is allowed in this event only land dinos will be allowed. I will TP you and your Dino to Herb Island for the Event
Prize: A Lot of Experience and Items dropped from the Alphas

Event Time: 20:00
Event Info: Phiomia Dakar Racing , Make sure you on time at the Red Obelisk as the race will start their heading towards Stone Hedge on the South where it is a Race that includes crossing dangerous waters and rivers and forests.
Prize: Scuba Set

Event Time: 22:00
Event Info: Ptero Races from Herb Island to the Volcano, First Person to land at the Volcano will win this race, This is our first Air event so enjoy
Prize: Ramshackle Ptero Saddle and Santa Hat skin

Event Time: 18:00
Event Info: Battle Royal at Herb Island where a New Ring is constructed for these battles between players! Make sure you gear up with any Melee Weapons and armor and this is a fight to the death
Prize: Journeyman Flak set

Event Time: 20:00
Event Info: Welcome New Tribes to the server and the explanation of the new Rules. This will happen at the Tribal Area on Herb Island

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