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Welcome all new Survivors to our Server! 

We want to invite you to a Tribe welcome event this evening at 19:00, It happens every Sunday evening at Herbivore island! We ask you all to please attend this event as this is where we will update everyone on news about our server and staff members! We also welcome new players to attend this as we have a Tribe wall where we will put the names up of new active tribes. Please remember to be at Herbivore Island at around 18:55 as we want to start and finish this Tribe event due to a following event coming up.


Dino vs Alpha’s Event 

Time: 20:00

It will be hosted at the big Alpha Arena on top, Each tribe can enter how many dinos/players they want but we use a system to deal with number of dinos vs alphas. The system is easy as 1-3 dinos = 1 alpha while 3-5 dinos = 2 Alphas and then 6-7 = 3 Alphas

All land dinos are allowed to be used in this event! Only Flyers are not allowed to be used in this event tonight! The event will start when the tribe is inside and ready! First drop will be a Alpha Raptor , Second drop is a Alpha Carno and Third drop is a Alpha Rex. The levels of these Alphas are decided regarding the levels of the entering dinos. You can forfeit between the 3 stages of this event , you can NOT forfeit while you are busy with a stage.

See you all tonight 😀

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