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*W A T E R E D I T I O N *

Saturday 5 march
12:00Free Dive Icthy (dolphin) races : Contestants Line up at water surface and race through a series of underwater gates. NO SCUBA OR BREATHING TONICS ALLOWED!
Prize: Full Ramshackle Scuba Set + Final event entry

15:00Cage Fighting (Melee) : Contestants will be dropped into underwater arena without Gear and last Survivor swimming (standing) wins!
Prize: Apprentice Sword + Ramshackle Scuba Tank + Final event entry

15:30Cage Fighting (Ranged) Contestants are dropped into Arena, followed by Crossbows and Arrows dropped from above. SOTF Style, Equip and Fight!
Prize: Apprentice Crossbow + Ramshackle Scuba Tank + Final event entry

20:00Dino Fights : Contestants use Megalodons / Plesiosaurs in PVP (Pet v Pet) Battle, in round robin event until 1 remains.
Prize: Apprentice Saddle for Pet + Apprentice Scuba Tank + Final Event Entry

21:00 – FINAL EVENT – Destroy the Dodo : Winners start empty on mainland. Race to arena where supply drops are waiting with weapons armour and unclaimed Dinos. Last person standing OR first to kill The “Alpha” dodo is crowned the winner
Prize: Full Apprentice Scuba Set + Cheiftan Helmet Skin

Sunday 6 March

12:00Survival marathon : Contestants race empty from Mainland across from Herbi island to Red Obelisk. At Obelisk will be chests with Coloured Pants. Contestants take one and continue to Green Obelisk for Coloured Shirts. First one back to the start in both shirt and pants wins. Contestants may craft, collect and knock out / kill each other. No dino’s allowed.

Prize: Full Set of Apprentice Riot Armour

19:00Tribal ceremony. Introduction for new survivors and Tribe naming. Followed by Free Drinks and Biltong

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