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PvE Mondays 0:00 – Fridays 13:59

PvP Fridays 14:00 – Sundays 23:59

RULES (Updated 10/04/2016)
1 No adverts or links on Global (You will be auto kicked)
2 No Griefing (Dont kill offline players, Dont pick up Dinos of other players, Dont destroy Pillars, Dont destroy beds or constantly Raiding someone)
3 Raiding Friday 14:00 – Sunday 24:00 (No Raiding out these times and logs shows every raid)
4 No Kill on sight (You cant just shoot a person you see, No Killing during non-raiding times for any reason)
5 No bases in Caves (Bases found in Caves will be removed via Admin)
6 No killing of Passive Dinos. (If Dinos are on Neutral or Agro then players are allowed to kill them during PvE BUT only if the Dino attacks first)
7 No Spawn blocking (Dont Block resource spawns around mountains)
8 Players not allowed to obstruct any cave (Building in/ infront of a Cave)
9 You are not allowed to drop any Wild dinos in a players base (You will be banned if caught doing this)
10 Players are not allowed to interup a Tame session (unless its left with no supervision meaning there is no one in the area of a 100 meters)
11 Respect admins and players, Dont make sarcastic comments or insulting comments. (Showing no Respect will get you kicked without warning)
12 No global chat arguments, Deal on Teamspeak with arguments. (2 warnings then Kicked)
13 No foul language on Global chat (ANY foul language on Global will Result in a Kick from the server as this is a open age server)
14 Turrets/Plant species X is not allowed to be used on platforms during week, also on weekends they are only to be allowed to use in a raid! ALSO during the use over weekends its ONLY allowed to be set to PLAYERS only because dinos are passive and they not allowed to be killed! If your turret kills a dino and you forgot to change it to players only then there is no excuses and you will still be punished as you have been warned in the Rules!

Raiding Rules and Info
15 Remember if you leave doors open and boxes open with no pin codes and people take your stuff it is not raiding because then that is your own fault!
16 Only destrruction of Structures is allowed to enter a base (No destruction of pillars, Fabricator, Smithy, Fridges and Cooking Pot)
17 Not allowed to destroy Beds or block them & No stealing fertilised eggs.
18 During raiding times still no Kill on Sight is allowed unless you declared a war using a war declaration Note in game that is signed from both parties! Then you can choose to fight as normal or in a arena. If you choose to fight as Normal you are allowed to KoS the tribe you at war at even in PvE until the War has been resolved or stopped by Both Parties
19 If a Player leaves his doors open for you to raid them and boxes unlock you are not allowed to destroy anything in the base.
20 Greenhouses are NON Raid buildings UNLESS there is storage boxes, Vaults or Bookshelves inside the greenhouse then you are allowed to raid it
21 The Only times when u are allowed to destroy any Storage boxes around the map even if it is in the open is on Weekends that is Raid times and PvP
22 If someone Kidnaps you dont be a bad sport, Go with it as it brings more fun to the game and if you DC while something like this happens you will be Punished as this is Combat logging.
23 Combat Logging is NOT allowed on this server and if you do it you will be punished and may even be removed from the server


Building Rules

24 Players are not allowed to Block Big rivers that water dinos can fit in to go up river. (If you do block them they admin will remove the blocked off area)

25 Players are not allowed to Land Grab using any structures to just place around a area to keep other players from building there! (If caught doing this the admin can even destroy all your structures as a punishment)

26 Tribes are ONLY allowed to have 2 Bases Max on the server! Waterpen, Farming Structures near resources and other structures on the map is considered as a Base! Also Rafts that has closed buildings/More then 10 objects on them does count as a Base (Remember that the lag the server gets later on is caused by you as a player about the amount of dinos and structures you have on the server, so please keep it to a min amount in bases)

27 No building at/on the Obelisks/Volcano/Mountain Peaks. Dont destroy Pillars (Breaking this rule will cause the admin to remove the whole base there without warning)

28 All land blocked off by Gates as a Backyard area must be used within 1 week. (If it is not used within 1 week the admins will ask you to make that area smaller and if you dont do as the request from the admins they will do it with force)

29 If a Structure is not used within a weeks time  it will be removed. (Using it once a week does not count as using it, All structures must be used actively)

Structures found lying around on the map from a tribe tame or old build will cause the admins to go and remove a amount of structures from their base! Formula: Yx5=Total Structures being removed


Admins/Mod Rules

30 If a player asks for help in game you MUST help them as its your duty.

31 Any Problems on the server must FIRST be dealt with Mods and then taken higher if it is required.

32 DONT Abuse power as a Ark staff member! (If caught you will be banned for 1 week and removed as a Staff member)

33 You must ALWAYS be mature and respect players and other staff members.

34 You are not allowed to join in Sarcastic comments or in Arguments as you are the person who must deal with the situation.

35 Always when you talk in global or to a player you must be Friendly and try and deal with him in a civilized way without being rude.

36 When you are playing Ark you MUST be online on Teamspeak.

37 ONLY ONE admin can be logged in at a time on the server. (If you are a admin logged in and you are not using admin anymore you MUST relog to exit admin and play like a normal player later)

38 Admin Powers are ONLY to be used for Server Glitches and Punishments for Rule breakers! (If you are caught spawning, TP, God or Infinitestats in a non admin situation you will be removed as a Admin and blacklisted for future staff applications)

39 The Staff Room is ONLY for Staff Members of Ark! (If a Normal player is caught in the channel they will be kicked out without warning)

40 Admin Logs will be checked every night and in game Admin logs is also active now. (If any players spots a admin using admin powers please take a screenshot of the chats and the command and report it to higher ups in the Specter Community)

The admin Rules are setup for no Debate as this is the new system we are working with to make sure admins are only being used when needed as admin abuse is the number 1 reason servers are closing down. ALL THESE RULES WILL NOW BE ENFORCED TO THE MAX!

System for breaking Rules

First time will be a 24-48 hour ban

Seconds time 48-96 hour ban

Third time will be a Perma Ban

Admins have the last say Remember this!

<<Remember that we only judge on evidence you provide us on players>>

<<Screenshots and Videos are the best evidence you can get>>


Remember guys the rules above are made to ensure that everyone plays the game to get the full experience and enjoy the game as this is a PvEvP server.
If you want to contact any admin make sure you go on Teamspeak and ask one for info or a rule you dont understand.

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