Ark Survival Map Wipe


Good Day Survivors


We have decided to do a Server wipe but not as you all know it. We are going to setup a total new and fresh server that will have no structures on the map at all that will reduce the lag we are currently experiencing on the server running. Each player is allowed to upload a few dinos and their character on the server that is currently running. We will be doing this both in one day! We decided on Saturday of this week (9 April) we will be switching the servers so please make sure you have uploaded a few dinos and your character by then! Remember the wipe is only a map wipe so all you have to do is tame a few dinos and get a base up and running then its smiles all the way! If you have any problems about this please contact Codex on Teamspeak at


Exact time of the Wipe and new Server release will be on Saturday (9 April) at 13:00 the afternoon

There will only be a certain time to allow downloads and that will be from 14:00 until 20:00 that night and then there will be a server wipe changing the server to no downloads allowed. Also if you download any higher level character or dino then you had on the previous server your character will be reset to level 1.


See you all on Saturday for the new server and a lag free server




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