Ark The Island Server Change


Ark Survival The Island Server is changing to a new exciting map guys!


We have decided to move this server to the Center with a twist… It will be changed to full PvE for the players who loves the mechanics of building bases in Ark. The players that still wants to play the PvPvE side of the server, We have already hosted a PvPvE The Center Server for you to join so please join us for the best experience of PvPvE on the new server.

The Island server will be shutdown on Sunday at 20:00 and will be wiped

The new PvE The Center server will be launched on Sunday Night that will have a full new set of rules and the server settings will be set to make sure its full PvE.

This switch is to apply the new map for all players as this new map is more stable and optimized for better performance.

Info on The map if you are new to The Center

A rare set of caves pushes survivors to their limits to search for the artifacts to someone the ultimate life forms of the Ark. There are multiple biomes like jungles, tropical shorelines, mountains, and ancient ruins for players to pack off and start their home. The biggest surprise for the survivors to find is the underworld that sits beneath the 3 middle islands on the map.

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