Ark PvPvE Server Launch


Ark PvPvE –

The new and improved Specter Networks Ark server is now online! The island map is where all the action is. This powerful PvPvE server boasts a 5 times harvest rate as well as boosted taming and experience point gain. The goal of this server is to give the players the chance to experience the game as it was suppose to be played. We had some issues in the past but as a promise to the community this server will carry on to become once again the most populated Ark PvPvE server in South Africa.

The Rules –

You can find our Rules under the Hosted Games section – Ark, These rules are setup to make sure the players get the full vision of ark over each type of game mode.

Our Staff –

Manager – Codex
Admins – TBA (We are currently looking for Admins)
Mods – TBA (We are currently looking for Mods)

*Please remember as a requirement to apply for a staff position you need to be active on the server, teamspeak and our website. Also make sure when applying to have a detailed application.

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