CS:GO Zombies Revived


Excuse the pun in the title, but we have some good news! We have brought back our CS:GO Zombie Riot server, which was shutdown in January due to valve server guidelines that had prevented us from using custom server models.

Thankfully valve has changed the rule that no server is allowed custom models, and we have decided to start our server up again.

I’m going to repost the same information from the original post, to inform everyone what the gamemode is.

SpecterNetworks is now hosting a new server: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with the zombie riot game mode.

How to join:

  1. Browse community servers.
  2. The server should be in the top list. (Look for the name: SpecterNetworks – Zombies)
  3. If you do not see the server, search for the tag “zombie” or “specter”

Upon joining the server you will download custom models and sounds, from our local fastdl servers. You will only need to download these once.

You can view the video attached to this post to get an idea of the game mode. The video is not ours, but should definitely inspire you to join our local server.

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