Don’t Starve Together Launched!


Don’t Starve Together BETA South African Dedicated Server is up and Ready on our very own AWESOME Community SpecterNetworks! Mods included! No PvP, No Password, Game Mode – Survival. We are looking to Recruit dedicated Admins for our server and perhaps Moderators Soon.

Mods Include:
More DST Characters, DST Path Lights, [Nez] Dib, [Nez] Zim, Sophie, DST RoG Characters and ZoRcE’s Sword MOD.

Mods Coming Soon:
Gaz, Wisp Wei & Winter, Thana “The Nightstalker”, DST Reaper, Faroz, Woodie, Global Player Icons, MiniMap HUD, Wall Gates and a Renewable World.

We have the ONLY Stable Don’t Starve Together Server in SA. We also encourage our players for Feedback on Server issues and of course any Mods you wish to Encounter in our Don’t Starve Together World.

Happy Gaming! And DON’T STARVE!

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