Explosive Networks is Moving to Specter Networks

Gamers unite from all walks and ways, we would like to announce the changes that are to follow. For the first few weeks not much will change, and both communities will carry on as normal. There are going to be some small changes, that will have minor minecraft gaming impacts.

There are going to be some minor bugs from the transfer and we plan on fixing every one of those problems.

Vanilla and Modded are currently fully operational. We are also busy setting up a modded server with new modpacks, and the community has a chance to decide between the two modpacks. The current EN & SN servers will be merged into each other so if you are online you will be able to help us make a decision about what will be kept and what will be lost from EN & SN.

No servers will be reseting, they have been migrated to Specter Networks, and nothing has changed.

Join us on Teamspeak, ts.specternetworks.com,  if you have any questions, or need help in game. If we are not available on teamspeak you can open a support ticket @ www.specternetworks.com/support

Explosive Networks’ website will eventually redirect to Specter Networks, donating will no longer be available, and we plan on implementing a whole new rank system.

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