Hello SpecterNetworks members and possibly some new friends!

As the title suggests, we have something very special heading your way here for you; An EpicCraft server hosted right here in South Africa on the SpecterNetworks servers. The server should be live within the next few hours and we will then start whitelisting.

Things you need to know:

1) We will be using the recommended build of EpicCraft; This can be found by going to the 3rd Party Mod packs tab within your FTB launcher.

2) We recommend using Java 7 update 71 if you are not already using this as there are issues with Java 8 and ForgeModLoader, this will be fixed in time and is out of our control.

3) The server will be a whitelist server to filter out any unwanted players, in order to apply please check out the following forum post: Whitelist Applications.

4) Once you have been whitelisted, you can connect to the server:

To keep things interesting we will be implementing “seasons”, each season will go on for a duration of several months, once a season ends we will put up the previous map up for download and start a fresh map. Players will then be able to spend points that they have accumulated in the previous season to purchase items to start with.

Points will be obtained by completing noteworthy achievements such as being the first to enter a dimension as well as selling diamonds to the server shop. Each player will start with 100 Points.

We look forward to seeing you all soon in this amazing modpack!

What is EPiCCRAFT?
EPiCCRAFT is all about progression and survival. Thirst? Air Quality? Landslides? Avalanches? Weather? Yup, Try to survive in this pack intended to make you use every mod, visit every dimension and make you think about your next step every single time but at the same time give you that satisfying feeling of completing something.

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