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We have been checking tests and reviews of the new Volcano map and as awesome as it may be, it seems it is still not quite stable enough. We want you all to be able to build and tame without fear or issue and we don’t think we will get that from the Volcano. So to keep the variety as well as the stability we will be Running Scorched Earth with The Island instead. These two maps are the most stable as well as will get all the holiday bonus material and latest improvements. You will be allowed to transfer any dino across the two maps to build up your tribe and bases.

The Island has already been wiped and is nice and clean to start a fresh base. The same raid times and rules still apply so it will stay a PVPVE server. We have included a no build area for our dedicated event island (lat:85, Lon: 85)
Scorched Earth and the Center will be wiped of all Dino’s and structures on Sunday November 20th. So please transfer anything you would like to keep to the The Island BEFORE then. We will then relaunch Scorched Earth, wiped and clean for everyone to start fresh for the holidays.

Next weekend will be a move weekend so there will be NO raiding allowed on Any Map. There will be a link between the two maps so all players can retain their dino’s, gear and levels.There will be a few rule changes so please update yourself with the new rules for both maps.

We will be bringing back Tribal ceremony where you can get the news and announcements, as well as a few awesome new events.
Thank you again to all of our players. You guys make an awesome community and keep making this game better for all of us.

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