FTB – EpicCraft Season 1 End draws near!


You have conquered the sands of the blazing deserts, the mists of the dark wood. Survived the freezing glaciers and traversed the end. Your power grows as you fight along side friend and foe for your survival, growing in power and taming the wild lands around you faster than anyone could ever conceive.

You dream, create and thrive… until now.

Your magics have awoken them, your machines irritate them; and you shall fall to your knees in bleeding armor as your souls are torn asunder. 


Welcome players, to the encroaching end of season one! The unknown is approaching and soon it shall consume all you know and loved, you must journey to it’s heart before it tears yours out in front of you. For the end of Season One, I have a surprise for you all that I hope to have completed soon. This will be a server event and I will be awaiting you all in the unknown where everything you knew will crumble beneath your feet and your mind shall be tested.

Will you accept the challenge of the Makers before they consume your world? Will you take rise for glory? For treasure? 


We have some awesome new stuff lined up for season two! Know all those points you accumulated during season one? Well they will be your key to a head start in the new season; with an upcoming server shop and whole new spawn. Enter your new world prepared. “But what world will we enter?”  Quite simply, that is up to you! We need YOU, the players to decide on what the next modpack shall be so drop a comment below and check the forums! Once season one ends the map will be available for download should you wish to keep it; This will happen within the next month as I hope to have the unknown open sometime during February as a server event. A short time after the unknown we will move on to Season Two!

We encourage everyone to join us for the end of Season One! Joining the server during Season One will award you with 100 Specter Tokens; so you have no reason not to.

The unknown approaches.

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