new modded over world server



Attention all modded Players!

Welcome to Specter Networks’ new mod pack!


After much hard work, blood, sweat and tears (mostly WakaKrazyBunBun’s Crash testing)

The server is now active!

Beware players, this is not an easy pack! Prepare to work hard!

But hard work bears great rewards! Explore, fight, build and cast your way to glory!

Magic mods to bewitch, tech mods to bewilder, structure gen to bewonder/explore! (NOW WITH ADDED BACON)

Defend your base from the twisted hordes of mobs, and players (yes, you read that right).

We have decided to make a PvP server to give it that added little twist but it is only going to be allowed on weekends, strict rules will apply to PvP. (Rules to follow)

Will you survive in this treacherous overworld? We expect to see you soon!

Current Modded Players! Yes we know what you are thinking “What about all my hard work on my island?” We will upload the map files for you to download and continue playing offline via the SN Launcher.

The new pack is available via the SN launcher and the current pack will be available till Monday 5/08/2016 for the change over, there after you will only be able to play Modded Skyblock in Single player.

New pack means new rules please read all the rules carefully and make sure you understand them (Webbster64 will add it to a computer at spawn as well), we will not accept the excuse “I did not know” when you get reprimanded.


The new rules are as follows:

Basic Rules:

  • No grieving shall be permitted except on weekends not adhering this rule will result in a ban
  • No swearing or derogatory comments will be allowed
  • No disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat (such as political or religious discussions)
  • No exploiting of glitches (please report any glitches immediately)
  • No public accusations of rule-breaking (there should be an admin on Teamspeak)
  • If there is a duping bug report it immediately
  • If found duping, your progress will be reset
  • No advertising or spamming of other servers are allowed
  • By joining this server you agree to SpecterNetworks’ Terms and Conditions.
  • No public discussion of bans


Playing rules:

  • No using mob spawners unless approved by an admin
  • Torches need to be placed in spawnable/Dark areas (use F7 to see)
  • No killing of other players’ passive mobs
  • Do not build very close to other players without their permission – buildings that violate this rule may be moved to a new location without warning
  • Admins will not spawn in any lost items after 1 week of playing
  • Abandoned and incomplete buildings will be removed/area reset after 2 weeks of inactivity
  • Mining is only allowed in the designated mining dimension (accessible at spawn)
  • In order to reduce lag, we request that redstone circuits are not on an infinite loop
  • No x-raying/hacking/cheating, any use of x-ray / ore detection will result in an immediate 1 month ban and rollback of all edits.


  • No harassment or excessive trolling
  • Camping a player’s base is considered harassment
  • No abuse of server protections eg. hide in spawn.
  • No PvP in spawn or any other public server areas
  • Client modifications may not provide an advantage in PvP (very broad statement, use common sense)
  • No griefing of new players (1 week grace) will also be set in the server plugin


Any questions

Please ask an admin (you can find us on TS look for)













Alternatively you can submit a ticket at the support link

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