Modded Minecraft Season 2 Launched!

Greetings Specter Networks!

We have moved the server to port 1221 this should resolve any connection issues our mweb users are having, please let me know if you have any troubles – Whatsapp +27842515553

Proud to announce that Specter Networks Season 2 Modded Minecraft is now live, running a custom modpack on Minecraft 1.7.10! The server is full PvP however players are the least of your worries.

The modpack pushes the game even harder than it was with EpicCraft and I can safely say it’s possibly the hardest pack I have ever played.

We hope to see you all soon! If you need support come join us on teamspeak:
So you survived the challange of EpicCraft? Well your world is about to get even harder, the worlds are corrupting and blights are ravaging the lands.

To join the world download and install curse voice, followed by installing the minecraft plugin via the minecraft tab.

Close curse then download SpecterNetworks Season 2 Modpack from here. Virus scan here.

Unzip and copy the contents of the folder to


The modpack will appear under the minecraft tab of curse.

Connection Info:

There is a slow passive increase in difficulty to top it all off. With some amazing new items and mods for you to try out if you can get it right.

Good luck!…

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