New Rust PvP Server Online


SpecterNetworks Full PvP Rust server! Fresh server


SpecterNetworks is strict on rules and is a big gaming community regarding Ark survival Evolved, Minecraft and Unturned, so now they are hosting a Rust server, just for you guys! You can find the server under the Modded section in Rust – look for SpecterNetworks

10x Rates

5x Stacks

There are active admins online, who you can message or poke in TeamSpeak when you need help.

This server contains fun plugins 🙂 which include, but are not limited to:

*  Clans

*  Zlevels

*  4 hr New spawn protection

*  Bounty System

*  Crosshair

*  Teleport commands


To see the Rules, press Enter to type in chat and type the following:  /Rules

Please familiarise yourself with the rules as no excuses for breaking one will be accepted under any circumstances. Have fun, just don’t be a… Richard. 😉


You will be allowed to teleport to some extent, which is bound by a cooldown period and a limit per day. TP commands are as follows:

/sethome <name>           –           Set home TP spot

/home <name>                –           TP home

/tpr <playername>          –           TP to player

/tpa                                     –           Accept the player TP


Other helpful commands you are allowed to use in the chat are:

/Admins         –        See which Admins are online

/Players          –        See which players are online

/Stats              –        Check stats

/Bounty          –         Check the bounty on your head.

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