What is Minetest?

Minetest is a sandbox building game, inspired somewhat by Infiniminer but mostly by Minecraft, created by Perttu “celeron55” Ahola. The gameplay is very similar to Minecraft’s, consisting of creating and destroying blocks in a local or online 3D environment.

Adding to that, unlike Minecraft, Minetest is coded in C++, and is open source, assuring the game will run a LOT smoother on any computer. You will also not have any RAM issues.

The game supports server-side mods (meaning you don’t need to download anything extra to play on our server). Like Minecraft, the game also supports texture packs.

There is an android version available, aswell as many custom PC builds. You also get free skins.

What makes Minetest Different than Minecraft:

  • Free
  • No need to download anything extra
  • Open Source
  • Many custom clients
  • Android version that works with normal servers
  • Coded in C++, much more reliable than java

How to Join:

Head over to http://www.minetest.net/downloads/, and download the game. Then you can join over server in the server list, [ZA] SpecterNetworks [CARBONE], or just type in at manual connection:, the port is the default port.

More Information:

For more information contact shock, segfault0x40, or webbster on TeamSpeak.

If you would like to apply for a rank, speak to one of us on TeamSpeak or contact [email protected]

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