New Servers, New beginnings


The Back Story:

In early May our host (who shall remain unnamed) moved our perfectly working servers to a new hardware and software environment of which we had no choice. After the move almost immediately users started complaining about high pings. We investigated and found that all the users with (an unnamed ISP) had over 200 ping. We then proceeded to inform the current host of the problem, and that we can not run servers like this. After a few emails back and forth, they decided to launch an investigation on their side. They concluded to say that it was the (unnamed ISP) that was the problem, but the host moved SN to this new environment. Why would the host move a client to an environment which negatively impacts their productivity. The question is, why did they move us to something that is not up to standard ?

Our team decided to give our host some time to sort out the problem. But no, it only got worse. Towards the end of June more users were complaining about high pings and some users even started complaining about lag. Our team was monitoring resources and found that we had more than enough to handle the servers that were currently running. In a desperate attempt we decided to format our virtual servers, start off with a fresh operating system, but this did not solve the problem. Our team also tried to only run half the gaming servers, but we still had problems.

Specter Networks had Virtual Private Servers with this host, which has always been working perfectly fine with our setup. The SN team knows it is not the optimal setup for gaming servers, but these were the servers we started SN with, and has always been performing perfectly for our needs.  After seeing that they were unwilling to help, we started looking for a new host.

New Beginnings:

The Specter Networks team has decided to find a new host to fulfill our needs, and now SN has Dedicated Servers to host all our great content on. Specter Networks for the first time has a new host, and can not wait to get our community back together and enjoying some South African community servers.

The Specter Networks gaming servers  will have some down time, but everything will be up as soon as possible.It will be announced when the new servers will be operational. There will be updates available on our website and social media.

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