Pooper Rally on Ragnarok


Hello Homo Sapiens,

Hype up for the first ever Phiomia Rally on Ragnarok this weekend.

Rallying is a format of racing in which competitors race through various sections of road against the clock. Rallying can be done on the roughest and thoughest and most demanding terrain to the smoothest of gravel available.

Phiomia is an extinct genus of basal proboscid that lived in what is now Northern Africa during the Late Eocene to Early Oligocene some 37-30 million years ago.”Phiomia serridens” means “saw-toothed animal of Faiyum” Phiomia’s tusks and trunk make it especially suited to scavenging plant-life from the ground. It uses its tusks to dig up loose plant-life, then uses its stubby trunk to scoop the foliage into its mouth. Adult Phiomia often dig up food for their young, and watching a baby Phiomia attempt to use its trunk can be quite amusing.

While it takes a while to level up enough to be viable, during the early game it can be a method of transport. If all points are put into movement speed, it does become decently quick. As a bonus it has a decent swim speed, equal to that of a player with no points in speed. Get a high level and it’ll be able to maintain this speed for a while, with decent weight as well.

At the time of the event your tuned racing Phiomia and its saddle will be awaiting your backside to burn it from one obelisk to the other in the nick of time, however one rule, for the sake of the impact of CO2 gasses on the ozone layer, we will require of you to pick up behind your Phiomia every time it takes a poop during the race and bring it along to the finish line.

Lots of lucrative TEK prizes to be won.

See you there…


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