The New Rust Server –

Due to popular demand we at Specter Networks decided to start a new rust server. We took in requests and made a server to the specifications of our loyal users. Not all users will like the setup, but we wanted to got back to the roots of rust and get back to working hard and grinding for what you need. Visit our rust page for more information on Rust – https://www.specternetworks.com/gaming/rust/

Our Goal For the Server –

When it comes to farming loot we want to to be a X1 server, we don’t want people to hit a tree and get 1k wood. But we wanted to feel like you were gaining something when farming for materials. So with levels for mining woodcutting, and skinning you can increase the amount of resources you collect with each level.

Some Important Plugins We are Adding –

Zlevels – When farming you gain xp and increase the amount of resources gathered.

Increased Stack sizes on base materials – Like wood, stone, metal and so on.

Clan System

There are other behind the scenes plugins, but we wanted to keep it simple and fun.


Come Join Us Online –

If you have any questions please leave a comment, or join us on teamspeak @ ts.specternetworks.com

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