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SpecterNetworks at BIT Expo 2015

author image by shock | Events Shooter TeamSpeak | 0 Comments | 12 Aug 2015

Big Idea Tank 2015 [fancygallery id=”1″ album=”1″] BIT LAN 2015 was a huge success! With over 70TB data transferred, from streaming, Dota 2 comps, nAv tv, gameplay, and much more! We hosted 5 extremely successful tournaments, from which the results…

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FastDL (Finally)

author image by GhostHunter297 [Director] | Archive Events Shooter | 0 Comments | 19 Oct 2014

Yes, we did it. We finally did it. FASTDL!! We have finally gotten fastdl to work on ALL of our source servers, thanks very much to @shock @OlDoubleBarrel @Segfault0x40; Thank you all for being so patient, now your map, sound,…

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