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new modded over world server

author image by webbster64 | RPG Sandbox Survival Uncategorized | 0 Comments | 18 Jul 2016

  Attention all modded Players! Welcome to Specter Networks’ new mod pack!   After much hard work, blood, sweat and tears (mostly WakaKrazyBunBun’s Crash testing) The server is now active! Beware players, this is not an easy pack! Prepare to…

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Modded Minecraft Season 2 Launched!

author image by VoidFletcher | RPG Sandbox Survival | 0 Comments | 13 Jul 2015

Greetings Specter Networks! We have moved the server to port 1221 this should resolve any connection issues our mweb users are having, please let me know if you have any troubles – Whatsapp +27842515553 Proud to announce that Specter Networks…

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