The AMAZING Labyrinth!


Do you want to play a game???

Do you like being lost in a dark room without a idea where you need to go? Do you enjoy the feeling you get when you touch that wet squishy thing but can’t make out the shape of? Are you courageous enough to walk down dark corridors with little light even hearing loud critters calling your name? Are you brave enough to take on your enemies by merely sensing their presence? WELL, Do I have just the thing just for you!

Come join us this upcoming Sunday to run through a labyrinth with wild and terrifying creatures who might be wielding pikes and torches and face off against scary critters and bugs that lurk behind the dark turns, corners and crevasses of the maze.

Players who wish to join will be TP’d to the event by the GREEN Obelisk. The maze has only one way in and one way out. There are two floors through which they need to progress, where there will be storage boxes with some weapons and resources to assist in your adventure.

Each contestant will be provided with a set of spears and a torch and 3 sleeping bags to start them off.

The event will start of PVE for the first 5 minutes and then players will be notified that the event changed to PVP where players could source items from their victims to finish the maze.

The prizes would be very advantageous for the fierce fighter of the ark overseers and as always there are consolation prizes for those who struggle to finish.

Come join us on TEAMSPEAK to find out more OR just join our SERVER and come test your skills against other worthy survivors.

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