Thrust forward on RAGNAROK.


Dune Buggy races on RAGNAROK the 16th June 2017.

The Dune Buggy or ATV is a driveable modern vehicle with storage capabilities giving a preview of what is to come to ARK in the future.

Currently, it is not obtainable naturally and has to be spawned in via console command. It’s a functional vehicle, but it is in a very unfinished state.

While driving, there are 3 views available: Inside car (turning with keyboard) / outside car (turning with keyboard) / outside car (turning with mouse)

The Dune Buggy does not yet have the best maneuverability or speed in the world but it proves to be a very fun and exciting ride.

Come join us for a fun race around sections of the beautiful scenery of Ragnarok on the 16th June 2017 tba.

Prizes to be won:

1st place – lvl190 Ice Wyvern

2nd place – lvl150 PT Griffin

3rd place – 2X Behemoth Tek Gate & Gateways

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