Ultimate Taming Gladiator


Hello Specterian Arkanians,

Do you consider yourself a master of mounts, a dino whisperer, the high-level king among low-level peasant tamers, The ultimate ark taming gladiator?

If you answered yes to any of these then this upcoming Sundays event on the 13th of August is right up your canyon.

All those who deem themselves worthy contestants will line up and battle their way down a narrow passage filled with various kinds of dinos that they should tame to progress to the next section and the 1st to complete with the most tamed creatures walks away as the Ultimate taming gladiator of ARK.

Each contestant will be teleported to their assigned cubicles from which they would start and have access to all the required equipment to do a successful tame.

Upon starting they would progress through 5 sections filled with different dinos that they should tame to reach the finish line.

Survivors will be awarded high tier tek prizes or ascendant gear.

Come join us on TEAMSPEAK to find out more OR join our SERVER to test your skills against other worthy opponents.

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