Unreal Tournament 4 Pre-Alpha Server Released!


Many veteran gamers might remember the game Unreal Tournament 3, which was an epic game that was (and still is) played actively at LAN’s. It never took off online due to the poor dedicated server management application. The game is remembered for it’s amazing graphics and great modding community (BattleRPG was one of my favorites!).


On September 4th 2014 Unreal Engine 4 (Ark and Goat Simulator are built using this engine, to name a few) was released to a select group of people, and shortly thereafter released publicly. Since the release of Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Tournament 4 has been actively in development by gamers, staff from Epic Games, and anyone else who wants to contribute. The game is completely open source and free, and will remain like that forever.


We have decided to get in on the fragging action as early as we can. We have closely been monitoring the development process and feel that now is the appropriate time to start hosting an Unreal Tournament 4 Hub as well as 5 other servers with a variety of game modes, that includes CTF, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Deathmatch (Instagib), and Showdown.


We were amazed to see there is already a small Unreal Tournament 4 local community, and feel honored to help grow the local and international community.

Now that you know all about the game, we’d like to show you how to get in on the action!

How to get Unreal Tournament 4:

  1. Register on Epic Games.
    1. Make sure to press “Sign Up”.
  2. Download the Epic Launcher.
  3. Login to the Epic Launcher.
    1. If you have any problems with the launcher have a look at this.
  4. Navigate to the “UT” tab.
  5. Install the game.
  6. Play the game, and search for the “SpecterNetworks” hub or any of our servers!
    1. Don’t feel like playing any of the game modes we are currently hosting? That’s ok, because you can create your own temporary server through our hub! Just click on the create new game and invite your friends!
  7. Join us on TeamSpeak: ts.specternetworks.com.

We hope you enjoy this new service from SpecterNetworks, and if you have any suggestions you can contact shock on TeamSpeak.

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