Unturned 3 Bases Now Stronger, Indestructible, and more


Specter Networks Unturned Servers now have stronger and indestructible bases.

Our PVP Servers now have immensely stronger structures, which makes PVP bases a lot easier to defend and fortify and makes it difficult for players to raid. Our PVE Servers have Indestructible bases. Your bases cannot be broken into, so please build and don’t worry about getting raided.

What makes this news even better, is that all our unturned server sync. Skills, clothes, and inventories sync across our servers. So go build and store your items in PVE, then go take out everyone in PVP, knowing that you have safly stored your items.


Please take note that unturned 3 is still in development, and most updates seem to come out before being tested. Because of the latest update one of our PVP servers will be down, and our PVE is also down. This message will be removed once this is resolved.

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