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Specternetworks Unturned Roleplay Server Rules

Please read the rules carefully! Breaking these rules ingame may result in a penalty.

How roleplay is going to work:  

  • For the fun of roleplay we have different factions available. These are listed at the bottom
  • Get into the fun of role playing, get to know people you’re potentially killing and such.
    • The most import rule of role playing is no killing on sight (KOS). Which means that you are not allowed to just randomly kill people as soon as you see them. In order to rob/kill them you will need to use the voice chat and announce what you are going to do with them if they don’t listen.
    • You may not break role play in any way. This means that you do not use Voice to talk out of character(OOC) or go OOC during any kind of role play. If you have any issues please have a talk with the involved party on our Teamspeak
    • Using signs is not Role play for killing a person if he passes a sign – example (If you pas this sign you will be shot on sight)
    • Always have a good reason for the things you are doing and have a good story to back it up. The story must have some thought put into it. You cannot shoot people just because you do not like their shoes.
    • The Global chat is used for out of role play communication. You are not allowed to role play within the Global chat. A good example of this is saying through blue side chat that person X has to drop his weapon or he gets shot at. GLOBAL IS NOT ROLE PLAY
    • Even though a player can see another’s in game name, the character is to have no knowledge of this until he learns it through role play.
  • Only area where KoS is allowed is the KoS area, check map for KoS area. Seattle island side.

How raiding will work:

  • If you want to raid you will have to ask for permission.
  • Provide them with a time and a date.
  • People may say no to raiding twice a week. The third time they ask you, you must accept.
  • Offline raiding is not allowed except if they people you are going to raid are fine with it.

KoS Area (Red lined island):

  • This area is controlled by Rebels/Bandits.
  • No Rebel/Bandit bases are allowed to be build in the RP Areas.
  • All weapons and vehicles allowed in this Area.
  • This is the only raidable area
  • Not allowed to camp any bridge or beach on the KoS border at the river.
  • The Bridge that connects the RP Areas and the KoS Areas are NOT KoS, So you cant kill people that walks on the bridge. There will be signs put up and once you passed that sign its either Neutral or KoS.

Rebel/Bandit Rules:

  • You will need to have a Passport to be legally allowed in the RP areas.
  • If you found without a passport you will be fined or even arrested.
  • You may not drive any military vehicle on the RP Side, If you seen with any Military vehicle you will be shot down.

New life rule:

A new life starts when:

  • Your character has died in a RP situation;
  • Your character has been involved in an accident.

A new life does not start when:

  • You get KoS.; You are shot without roleplay by a player breaking rules
  • You disconnect and end your play session.

When you re-spawn:

  • You cannot remember any previous role-play situations.
  • You cannot return to retrieve a vehicle.
  • You cannot remember enemies or random players.
  • You cannot return to the place of death for at least 10 minutes.
  • You can remember friends and gang members.
  • You must stay at least 200M away from the location of your previous death until NLR expires.

Safe zone (City):

  • Safe Zones are safe zones. (Example Kent Raceway)
  • No looting, killing or stealing.
  • Guns must be holstered.
  • Guns on safety will be seen as a threat
  • Breaking these rules will result in a 24h Ban.
  • No towns in the RP Area (Everettt&Tacoma) is allowed to be taken over.

Gun/Passport license:

  • The Police Department (PD) may check you where and when ever they want to check you for your gun license
  • If you do not have a gun license with you, the Police is allowed to take your weapon and keep them.
  • A gun license is a simple chart, which can be found at campgrounds, be bought at the Server Shop or be bought from the PD.
  • If your weapon gets taken, you have 15 minutes to buy a license and get your gun back with it/ Price of license is 100 Credits.
  • Passports are only buyable at the Home Affairs (Server Shop). Passport description is a book.
  • Passport price is 100 Credits.

Server Shop (Currently in use):

  • The Server Shop opens whenever it wants to.
  • The Shop only sells items that are listed on the board before the shop.
  • The credits plugin will be used.

Faction tags and rules:

  • Farmers – [FM]. May build in and around farming areas, they are in charge of growing and selling vegetables and animal meats.
  • Street Gang – [SG] Are in charge of dealing the drugs. May do shakedowns at shops like taking money from the owners
  • Shop Protection – [SP] Are the security guards of the shops. Need to protect shops from robbers or muggers. May use cable ties to handcuff thieves to hand them over to the Police afterwards
  • Bandits – [BD]. Are allowed to raid (needs to be legal). Are able to kidnap and kill other players after making them aware they are a target. They are able to hold up and rob other players.
  • Store Owners – [SO]. They are able to build shops anywhere and sell whatever they please
  • Hitman – [HM]. To become a Hitman you will need to ask an admin first. Normal players that are able to be hired by others to kill certain people. Hitmans need to make their target aware that they have been targeted. Once the target is informed the Hitmans are allowed to kill them on sight once. After a target has been killed the hitmans are not allowed to loot their targets.
  • Police – [PD]. Not to be acquired without admin permission. The peacekeepers of the map. They are in charge of capturing and punishing bad players. Also in charge of protecting the civilians. They are also not allowed to loot dead bodies. They may only confiscate the dropped weapons.
  • Civilians – [CV]. General players, just survive amongst the others


  • The ingame found berries are drugs.
  • If the Police finds them on you and/or you consuming them the berries they will fine you or can also arrest you .


  • For Info about becoming a part of the PD contact any Unturned Admin on Teamspeak.
  • Police Vehicles are the property of the police. Vehicles need to be handed over!

Police Officer List





Senior Officers:

Tyrann Rex


Police Squads :

  1. Mango
  2. Pineapple
  3. Banana (RockJock, rAge)
  4. Lemon (Duke, ?)
  5. Apple (Marnu, Blueforce)


  • At airdrops you are not allowed to kill the people except if its in the KoS zone.

Server Details:

The Staff:

  • Please respect any member of the staff. We are always trying our best and should be taken seriously.
  • Any decision made by a staff member is final, so please respect it.
  • Insulting any members of the staff is a big no-no!
  • Do not spam any of the staff members Teamspeak. We’re extremely busy and we all have our own roles. You can post on the forums and it will be checked and solved.
  • Accusing a staff member of abuse without any evidence is disrespectful and can result in a ban. If you have any kind of evidence please send a senior admin or above a message on either the forums or Teamspeak.
  • Whenever you contact a staff member please state the entire problem. If you do not do this the staff member will most likely ignore your message.


  • Never advertise any other Altis Life communities.
  • Trying to sell a product of yours on our forums or in-game is also bannable. (ex: viagra pills, lightsabers, etc.).
  • We have an official Teamspeak which we prefer you use. There are public rooms and rooms for gangs.
  • Do not advertise any other Teamspeak servers within our community.
  • Do not advertise your gang websites without getting clearance from an admin before. Even with that clearance only do this over teamspeak and on your gang recruitment post.

Since you have read the rules they will apply to you. If you are found breaking any of these, you will be reported to the server administration. If you find anyone breaking the rules you may record and/or screenshot them. If you want to report feel free to visit the Teamspeak and join the “Roleplay Support Lounge”.



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