April Fools Joke – Urgent News and Changes


April Fools Joke

SpecterNetworks Urgent News

Good Morning all users. We have some news regarding SpecterNetworks as we have big plans from the start of this month. Please read this post carefully as this contains all the information about the changes planned.


Director of SpecterNetworks:

The most important news we feel everyone should know about and is the most urgent is that GhostHunter will be standing down as the director due to he has just received news that his wife is pregnant. He feels family is currently more important and that explains the offline time.

The new director will taking the place of Jean de Goede (GhostHunter) in a vote between Jean, Jaen, Jean and Jean. This will take effect within 14 days. Please be advised once the new director is chosen there will be a few changes coming in regards to a new logo and community name.


Head Staff:

The head staff of SpecterNetworks consists of 5 members, 3 out of the 5 members are named Jean, Jean and Jaen. Codex and Segfault will be legally required to change their names to Jean within 10 working days due to a restriction placed upon all head staff.

We will be making some new changes in staff regarding our servers and staff running them:

  • Unturned – Moonstryder has been chosen as the new Unturned Head Manager leading our unturned team. Also take note we will be wiping our ban list so that means everyone who has been banned will now be able to join our servers again and will be able to take part in the role play experience.
  • Minecraft – Sips have been accepted as a Minecraft Manager for Specternetworks starting from 1st April. He has been chosen as the most experienced manager in this current situation.

Teamspeak new releases coming this month:

  • Music Bots – We will be launching 6 new music bots that will be streaming Hindu [GuptaFM], Sotho [BootyBouncersFM], Zulu [ZumaFM], LesediFM, PotFM and RSG. This is an exciting time for us as we feel that we don’t cover all the language barriers nor do our music bots meet the required BEE standard.
    • The radio station names have been chosen based upon family history and distuinguising features to make users across the country feel more at home.
  • TS Moving – We have finally decided upon the big move! We will be moving our server due to load shedding issues, so we have chosen the most reliable host yet – a Nokia 3310.
  • TS Freestate Block – We have decided to block all incoming connections from the Freestate region as we have traced multiple attacks in that specific region in South Africa.
  • TS Sound Quality – Due to [email protected] expensive data costs, we have bought a wifi voucher at Wimpy but will still change all our channel’s Codec Quality on our server to 4.20 KiB/s to save data.
    • This will mean the quality of voice in the teamspeak channels will be a lower quality.


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