Youtube Channel Launched!


The long awaited launch of our YouTube channel finally happened. It is going to be a slow start, but we are putting together more content to show off on our channel. The videos will be specifically from our servers, to show you guys what they look like and what to expect from each server.

YouTube Channel



Lastly, we will need the communities help in getting content, we are want your raw footage of our server, any server we host. We will edit, compile, and upload the videos to YouTube. We will give credit where credit is due.

Servers We Host:

  • 7 Days to Die
  • Arma 3
  • Babo Violent 2
  • Counter Strike: GO
  • Dayz – Mod
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Fistful of Frags
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer
  • Half life 2: DeathMatch
  • Minecraft – Vanilla & Modded
  • No More Room In Hell
  • Rust
  • Space Engineers
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Terraria
  • Teeworlds
  • Unturned

Thank you Specter Networks, and go share our videos!


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